Complete Garage Services in Dorking and Surrey

At GT Motorcars, we have a complete range of garage services available for vehicle owners in Dorking, Horsham and the wider Surrey and Sussex area. We’re renowned for our exceptional customer service and our high standards of workmanship, two vital elements that have served us well since the very first day we opened our doors. GT Motorcars is a fully independent company that isn’t tied in with manufacturers or individual suppliers. This enables us deliver high-level car repairs and servicing at the fairest local prices.

Car Servicing

GT Motorcars undertake intermediate and full annual car servicing work to manufacturer specifications, giving customers in Dorking and Horsham a competitively priced alternative to main dealership services. We always follow your manufacturer’s service schedule so you’ll always receive the same standards of workmanship as you would at a dealership but at a much more favourable price.

We recommend that you visit our workshop in Dorking for car servicing at least once a year for we offer a complete range of garage services Horsham. All vehicles that we service are fitted with parts and consumables that match, and often exceed, the quality of original manufacturer components. While patterned parts may be cheaper at the time of purchase, their inferior quality often leads to premature wear that could damage other components and result in expensive repair costs.

The Office of Fair Trading makes it clear that servicing ties have been removed from new vehicle warranties, enabling owners to have their cars serviced anywhere without invalidating manufacturer warranties. GT Motorcars are here to handle the car servicing requirements of customers in Dorking, Horsham and all surrounding areas. We can even arrange free vehicle collection and delivery. Just remember to ask when booking a service.

Main dealership servicing is nearly always more expensive than equivalent servicing at independent outlets. The Office of Fair Trading reports that servicing costs average out at £199 and £116 respectively without vehicle owners noticing any significant difference in the workmanship provided (OFT Bulletin 85/04).

MOT Preparation and Repairs

At the present time, GT Motorcars are unable to perform MOT inspections on-site. However, we are able to undertake pre-MOT inspection work and can arrange to take your vehicle to a VOSA-approved testing facility on your behalf. In the event of an MOT failure, our workshop can also undertake MOT repair work.

In advance of your MOT test, we strongly recommend that attention is paid to the following features on your vehicle. This will increase your chances of a first-time pass and save you money on potential repair costs:

  • All lights, including brake lights and indicators, should be in good working order
  • Ensure the screen is clear and check wiper blades to ensure they aren’t excessively worn
  • Check your washer jets to ensure they work correctly
  • Inspect the screen for chips, cracks and obstructions in the driver’s line of vision
  • Inspect seat belts to ensure they are fully operational
  • Ensure mirrors are present and undamaged
  • Make sure all tyres have a minimum 1.6mm of tread all the way round.
  • Inspect the fuel cap to ensure the seal is working correctly
  • Check door handles and locks to ensure they operate and engage

Remember that GT Motorcars can arrange for your vehicle to be tested up to 28 days before the current expiry date. Subject to passing, this will give you a full 13-month MOT test certificate.

Cambelt Replacement

Our car repairs for vehicle owners in Dorking, Horsham and Surrey extend to cambelt replacements. Also referred to as the timing belt, the cambelt must be replaced at recommended manufacturer intervals. Failure to replace a belt could result in extensive damage to your engine that may require a full rebuild or replacement. We strongly recommend that all vehicle owners make themselves aware of when their cambelt is due for renewal. If you aren’t sure, please let us know and we’ll happily advise you.

All general maintenance work and car repairs at our workshop in Dorking are undertaken using high quality components with OEM compliancy, giving customers exceptional value, reassurance and peace of mind.

Vehicle Welding

GT Motorcars can undertake your vehicle welding requirements to the exact standards required by VOSA and their MOT testing program. Our workshop has the capabilities and the equipment to perform structural car repairs and fabrication work on all vehicle makes and models. Contact us today for further advice or to request a free quotation.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Car owners in Dorking, Horsham and the surrounding Surrey area can choose GT Motorcars for vehicle diagnostics knowing that our workshop is equipped with today’s most advanced, manufacturer-approved engine management technology. We have the workshop capabilities to identify all ECU, sub-system and dashboard warning light issues.